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APL is a spin-off from the Protein Chemistry department at Amgen. It was founded in 1998 by Drs. Tsutomu Arakawa and John Philo. Our laboratory is located in the heart of the biotechnology cluster in San Diego, CA. Our clients include over 400 companies in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia as well as major universities and non-profit institutes. In July of 2017 APL became a division of KBI Biopharma.



Tsutomu Arakawa, Ph.D.

Vice President, R&D


Before co-founding APL in 1998 Tsutomu spent over 14 years in Protein Chemistry at Amgen as Research Scientist and Lab Head. His group was responsible for protein purification and characterization for discovery research and pre-formulation studies. While there he purified dozens of recombinant proteins and characterized their structure...

N. Karl Maluf, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist


Before joining APL in 2013 Karl was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of Colorado Denver for 6 years, where he studied virus assembly and DNA-protein interactions via AUC, fluorescence, stopped-flow kinetics, and other biophysical, biochemical, and thermodynamic approaches...

John Philo, Ph.D.

Vice President, R&D


Before co-founding APL in 1998 John spent over 6 years in Protein Chemistry at Amgen, where his primary responsibilities were protein characterization using analytical ultracentrifugation, light scattering, and calorimetry. While there he pioneered new sedimentation velocity techniques appropriate for biotechnology products...

Huimin (Cynthia) Li, M.S.

Principal Scientist


Before joining APL in 2018 Cynthia spent almost 23 years at Amgen. During the 23 years at Amgen, she managed and executed numerous bioanalytical testing projects for molecule assessment of therapeutic protein candidates, protein high-order structure characterization, product comparability and similarity assessments...


  • We've been doing this for over 18 years and have completed over 2,100 projects for 400+ clients world-wide.

  • At APL the experiments and data interpretation are done by recognized experts with extensive experience in these biophysical techniques, not by a technician, and on our own equipment, not in a university lab.

  • We've already worked with over 250 biotherapeutics and vaccines, including most of the major biotech products (cytokines, interferons, growth factors, scores of monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, viral vectors for gene therapy ...) and we have already been working with biosimilars for over 13 years. That collective experience helps us interpret our data, and can help get your product to the patients who need it!



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