KBI Biopharma Acquires Alliance Protein Laboratories, Expands Biophysical Characterization Capabilities.


KBI Biopharma, Inc. (KBI) has agreed to acquire the assets of San Diego-based Alliance Protein Laboratories (Alliance), a leading analytical services company specializing in biophysical characterization of biopharmaceuticals. Founded in 1998, Alliance is well known and highly regarded around the world for its expertise in characterization of therapeutic proteins, peptides, nucleic acids and vaccines.

We do more than just proteins...

Our biophysical characterization techniques have applications to small peptides, nucleic acids (e.g. anti-sense therapeutics, aptamers, ribozymes), small molecule drugs, carbohydrates, vaccines, viruses, drug-polymer conjugates, and more.

APL offers contract research services in the areas of protein and peptide biophysical characterization, protein aggregation, protein purification, and protein stabilization.


If you are looking for analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC)circular dichroismlight scatteringDSC, fluorescence, or native gel analysis of your biotech product, or help with your protein aggregation problems, you have found the right place!


We have now done such analysis on literally hundreds of products, giving our scientists unparalleled experience.